The Life of a Tinder Bachelor

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2016-02-13 at 1.02.11 PM

Stage 1: “Houston, We Have Contact.”

Stage 2: Who are you really?

Stage 3: Wanna grab a drink?

Stage 4: The Date

Stage 5: Fighting with Conscience

Stage 6: Juggling Knives: A Dangerous Trick

Stage 7: Choosing One Girl – The Vanilla Cookie Dilemma

Stage 8: The 2nd Date (Gas Station Makeover) 

Stage 9: Welcome to My Home… My Messy Home

Stage 10: Choosing One Girl (revisited)

A Letter to Mothers Everywhere – All Shapes, Sizes, and Colors. *This post has nothing to do with my dating life, but I felt it worthwhile to include on my page

Stage 11: We Have To Talk About This… Sexting

Stage 12: Alone at the Dinner Party: Being the Single Single


Long Before The Tinder Bachelor, There Was Just a Bachelor, Some Jolt Cola, and a Pair of Rollerblades


Little Did I Know When I Started Looking For A House… It Would Be Just Like Online Dating